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"Highland Park City Council Candidates discuss economy, environment at candidate forum" Chicago Tribune


my three-point plan for Highland Park’s post-pandemic economic recovery:

“The city has done a lot of things ... but I believe we have to do a lot more and do it in an accelerated manner,” Tapia said. ... “I have a three-point plan for that: sit down with landlords and current business owners about ways they can invest to make their establishments and downtown more attractive; two, address the real or imagined complaint that Highland Park is too expensive and too complex to do business in; and three, change our economic model of transactional retail to experiential retail.”

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Go Green HP

"Our mission is to improve the environmental quality of Highland Park by partnering with local government, area businesses, community leaders and neighbors to work together to create a clean and safe place to live and work for future generations."

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Highland Park Neighbors - Magazine 

"Why I love Highland Park" - read the full article by clicking on the icon below. 



Andres Tapia: Candidate For Highland Park City Council - 

"The housing commissioner and global diversity and inclusion strategist is running for Highland Park City Council in the April 6 elections."

Highland Park, "Andrés Tapia Launches Campaign for Highland Park City Council"

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Press Release 


Andrés Tapia Launches His Candidacy for Highland Park City Council

Andrés Tapia Lanza su Candidatura para Concejal de Highland Park 

Campaign Newsletter: Forward

Forward Issue 1                                                         

Forward  Issue 2                                                        

Forward Issue 3                                                          

Forward Issue 4                                                              

Boletin de Campaña: Adelante 

Adelante Edición 1                                                      

Adelante Edición 2                                                          

Adelante Edición 3                                                              


"A Day in the Life of Andrés Tapia"- Hispanic Executive        

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