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I ❤️ HP 

The Attraction

Over 150 years old, Highland Park has had a long history of being an attractive, welcoming, safe, and thriving community. Today it's made up of a mix of families who have been here for generations, and those who transplanted here a few decades ago or just moved very recently and have chosen to make it their home. With the long timers, many have been here their whole lives or have chosen to come back having experienced other communities only to find they just couldn't find elsewhere what they so much cherished in their growing up years in HP.


For the ones for whom moving to Highland Park was a choice, like it was for my wife Lori and me, the enticement was the combination of nature (the craggly ravines, beckoning beaches, and peaceful parks), the arts (Ravinia Festival, Port Clinton Art Fair, Focus on the Arts), the schools (academic excellence, student body diversity), and the charming downtowns of Central Avenue and Roger Williams (with their boutiques and variety of eating establishments). 

It's why we came.


But it was the relationships with neighbors who became friends, and the collaboration with civic-minded people who became partners in serving Highland Park, that fully captivated us about this place.


It's why we stayed.



What are some of your favorite spots in HP? 


Rosewood Beach. Ravinia Festival. The Green Bay Trail. Centennial Ice Arena. The Park Avenue Boating Facility. West Ridge Park. The Downtown and Ravinia shopping districts. .... So many wonderful places, just to name a few, that invite and foster a wide range of activities and experiences that make Highland Park so special.


Treasures that have taken even more importance for our souls in the midst of a time of trial and tribulation. Tee city, the residents, our businesses, our non-profits have all been resilient and resourceful as we all seek survive and even thrive in the midst of it all. 


HP -- a beautiful, welcoming and thriving home to all. 

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