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My Vision for HP

The Vision

As a candidate for City Council, my vision for our city is a welcoming and thriving Highland Park.


I choose to run to both help preserve that which is unique about our city as well as to help us prepare for a post-Covid reality. This means I want to continue to build on what is working as well as bring a fresh perspective to the issues that remain challenging. 

I do believe that the following current City of Highland Park priorities are foundational for our ability to prepare for and prosper in the near, medium, and long term: 

  • promoting a thriving business community

  • making prudent fiscal decisions that balance wants and needs

  • keeping our community safe

  • incorporating all the things (the arts, our unique character, human services, the environment) that make life in HP special

At the same time, I seek to help the city be able to see what is around the corner so we can prepare ourselves intellectually, emotionally, financially, and pragmatically for emerging even stronger out of the massive disruptions we have all experienced.


The Challenges

For all the goodness of our city, we must also recognize we are living in trying and challenging times. The decline of the traditional retail model was dealt a further massive blow by the pandemic -- a pandemic that has also elevated the stakes of our responsibility to keep everyone safe, reduced our city revenues, and massively curtailed the exuberance of our mass public artistic life.

As much as there will be a vaccine in 2021, and eventually an inoculated population, that will help us regain and reactivate so much of what has been lost this past year, there are other key things that unfortunately will not return. Or will need to return in a different kind of way. 

Also, after years of increased polarization in society based on how people are different, Highland Park's diverse demographics and our spirit of inclusion is an asset we can draw from even more deeply to create a truly welcoming environment for all.   


Your Candidate

My experience as a results-oriented business executive combined with my dedication to civic leadership, as well as my deep and broad expertise in bringing people of all backgrounds together for common purpose, uniquely equip me for being a collaborative leader with the rest of the City Council for these unprecedented times.


If I were to be elected by you -- the residents of Highland Park -- to be on the City Council, you have my promise that I will serve Highland Park with a deep commitment to continuing to foster and nurture a welcoming and thriving community that embraces diversity and inclusion where everyone feels they belong.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as I possibly can to hear what you love about, and aspire for, our wonderful city!  

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