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Campaign Events

12/16/20:  Volunteer Day at SALT 


1/12/21: Townhall hosted by Wendy Rhodes 

1/14/21: Townhall 2 hosted by Wendy Rhodes 


1/15/21: Presentation w/ Spanish Seminar HPHS class on Housing in HP

1/27/21: First Public Townhall hosted by committee members Fabio & Silvia 

2/4/21: Townhall hosted by Agi & Pat Semrad 


2/15/21: Townhall hosted by Lisa Temkin

2/20/21: Townhall for Latinx in Spanish hosted by Rosa, Pablo, and Denisse


2/25/21: Town Hall hosted by Linda Muskin 

3/11/21: Town hall hosted by CCHI

3/14/21: Spring Forward- 10th Dems Event


3/15/21: Town Hall hosted by Rosa and Pablo 


3/21/21: League of Women Voters Candidate Forum 


3/23/21: Town hall hosted by Richard Price 


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